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Q. What is GBP?
Ans. GBP is the acronym of Guwahati Biotech Park, the first of its kind in the whole of East & North East India, established in the year 2007. It is promoted by the Government of Assam and supported by Departmemt of Biotechnology, GoI. For the present it is temporarily located on 20000.00 Sq.ft. rented site at the Technology Complex building of IIT Guwahati. During next 2/3 years a permanent facility will be established on a 35 acre land identified by Government of Assam near IITG.
Q. What services does the Guwahati Biotech Park provides?
Ans. Guwahati Biotech Park will facilitate all local government approvals and other regulatory clearances through a single window clearance mode. For the people in the business enterprise zone, the entire supporting infrastructure like water, effluent disposal, supply of all Lab. utilities, uninterrupted power supply, communication link will be provided by GBP.The GBP may also facilitate internal fitouts in the lab, including all kinds of internal fit outs and equipment.
Q. What is Technology Incubation Centre at GBP?
Ans. GBPIC is the technology incubation center of Guwahati Biotech Park. The GBPIC would provide space and equipped labs for the tenants to translate
their research ideas into commercialisable technologies as well as for upgradation of existing technologies without risking huge investments.Facilities enabling work in the different sector areas of biotechnology like immunodiagnostics, recombinant therapeutics, industrial enzymes and tissue culture and basic facilities including laboratory benches, water, power and drainage will be provided.
Q. What are the facilities available at GBP?
Ans. At present Modular wet Labs are available on lease rental basis in the Guwahati Biotech Park Incubation Centre. In addition modern business support facilities will also be available in the Park.
Q. How soon the facilities will be ready for occupation?
Ans. Modular laboratories are ready to use.
Q. Is there any registration process for doing business at GBP?
Ans. No registration fees will be charged for incorporating the Company into GBP, however any fees that are required as per statutory laws of the country will be exactly the same as they would incur, if they are incorporating outside the Park.
Q. Can land be purchased at GBP?
Ans. No. Only Laboratories will be leased out for a predetermined period.
Q. What are the minimum and maximum sizes for Wet Lab Space?
Ans. Modular laboratory spaces of areas ranging between 300 to 1900 sq.ft. is available for leasing out.

Non-lab office space and Conference room will be available on a long term lease or daily rental basis.

Q. What type of Companies may be allowed to operate within GBP?
Ans. Enterprises / individuals engaged in research, training, manufacturing including bioinformatics & clinical studies or any similar allied activities will be allowed.



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