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Thrust Areas

GBP has identified a broad range of categories and activities under which companies are invited to transform there innovation into technologies within the park:

a. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Human and animal health care products including therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, natural products based medicines, fermentation products, immunodiagnostics, biosensors, vaccines, gene therapy, monoclonal antibodies and cosmetics.

b. Agro-Technology: Improvement in the quality and yield of crops, floriculture and forest tree species, plant molecular biology, biopesticides, biofertilizers, processed foods and quality enhancers.

c. Environment: Bioremediation, MEOR and safe disposal of wastes and toxic materials.

d. Industrial Application: Pharmaceuticals, drug intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Plants as bioreactors, enzymes, chemicals, catalysts, biological and polymers.

e. I Energy: Biofuels and renewable energy sources

f. Food Processing: Molecular characterization and value addition of food products of plant and animal origin, improvement of food value and shelf life, quality assessment and value addition in traditional processed foods etc

g. Bioinformatics




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