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Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

The biotech park with its facilities would like to promote the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector of Northeast India, with emphasis on the exploration of the natural resources of Northeast India for maximum benefit to the people residing in this part of the country. The focus of the biotech park is

  • Boosting the State’s renowned healthcare practices of Ayurveda by synerging traditional knowledge with scientific validation and technical product profiling and clinical database.

  • Evolving means to produce, conserve and world’s most valued biodiversity treasures – medicinal plants of the state and its sustainable utilization for identification of important potent drug molecules.

  • Promoting traditional tribal and ethnic knowledge in medicine and other areas of human welfare by scientific validation and facilitating Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Standardization and quality control of herbal drugs and products.

  • Setting up of a Research & Development Centre to study and introduce new techniques for medicinal plants extraction and testing for various targets organisms.

  • Promoting discovery of new chemical entities (NCE) from natural products of terrestrial, microbial and marine origin of various targets and development of in vitro testing as well as semisynthesis and synthesis of biologically active compounds along with generation of psedonatural products.




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